Custom issue

Personalisation explained.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to personalisation.

Fashion has never been so diversified under this new concept.

This is what you need to know about personalisation.

When Converse allowed their customers to add specific elements on to their sneakers or luxury brands started to add monograms to handbags, everyone was over the moon. It’s about time for brands to allow their customers to express their individuality! And so personalisation started to spread and many are now mixing different elements to make one-of-a-kind products.

But let us tell you the facts. First, personalisation demands us to know more about you and that’s what we will be striving for in the next years.


We cannot speak about personalisation or even customisation without referring the bespoke service, widely used in the creation and development of suits for men and women. The only difference? Bespoke demands a change in the production process.

You cannot simply get to your favourite shop and demand a blue shirt with you name engraved when all they did this season was produce white shirts. Why? Because the garment production is a complex process and there are a lot of steps involved. For a start, fabric sourcing needs to occur months before a brand goes into production. If you want something in particular for next season, you might need to keep your fingers crossed.

But back to personalisation, this is the time for your creativity. We not only want you to be riding the new wave but also to tell us exactly what you want! For instance, if you would like to have a personalised bag or sweater, you need to complete our short survey to help us in the development and production of the right products. Then let us look into the many different possibilities that can basically turn a basic garment or accessory into a masterpiece – your own work of art because at Adornista, you are the designer. You make things happen around here and for the future, please do keep in touch and tell us what are you looking for. Our only motivation is to create a platform that empowers your creative side!

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