Less is more

Keeping it simple.

If you don’t want to look like the next Katy Perry, you need to read the essentials about clothing personalisation.

Colour and patterns are always welcome but there is a wide choice and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of fashion.

So here are the fashion tips to make a simple but stylish personalisation.

These days are all about simplicity. Let’s be honest – Carnival only happens once a year. It might be nice to show up at an after work party dressing like Madonna in the 80’s but you don’t want to be seen as the new office mascot.

The trick is to simplify. Colour matching is an essential requirement and so it is the combination of patterns. You definitely don’t want to combine an ethnic pattern which normally holds on to a rough fabric and mix that with a soft satin material featuring colourful flowers.


There are a few combinations that never go wrong and we all know some of them. Black and white, pink and grey or even a single color option. As for fabrics, cotton combined with a faux leather fabric works pretty amazingly. We are very much aligned with the fashion motto “less is more”.


You already have a fabric to work with and that is the one that was used in the production of your new basic garment – currently our one and only original denim jacket slightly stonewashed to look like your old favourite. So the personalisation additions that you see in our platform have been already screened and resume the best choices for your designs.

You just need to select your preferred materials and be a bit sensitive about the combinations. You can always get inspired by our READY 2 WEAR but remember, you are the artist and you have a wide choice of elements at your disposal to create individual designs. WORK IT BABY!


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