Winter vibes

The "must-haves" for the season.

The coldest season of the year is approaching and you might be already wondering what could you select as a material for your next personalisation.

So here are some of the options to help you make a strong but effortless fashion statement.

You might have notice our extensive offer of fabrics for personalisation. Cotton, satin, faux leather, lace or sequins are just some of the options you can find in our clothing configurator. But if you ask us which ones could play better this Winter, we would definitely have to name our favourite options.


Denim is one of our top choices. This fabric has never been so trendy and has widely spread among many cookie cutter brands for the past two years. The surprising thing about it is that you will find many different tones and you can definitely personalise your denim jacket with a darker denim to enhance your winter vibes.

Who doesn’t like to wear a denim jacket during Winter? We surely do. Take out those warm sweaters from your closet and continue to address the biggest trend of all times by using your own personalised adornista basic on top!


Faux Leather
Our next choice is a classic fabric that holds perfectly during the cold months – Faux leather.

You can always try to combine one of the many existing colours available and add one of the many cotton patterns to create the coolest mix and match.


Faux Fur

Now get to know the best combination for the season. Our faux white fur! This personalisation turns you into the boldest of the adornistas!


You will get noticed and we surely want you to be the most stylish babe on the block. Go get them!

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