Denim Jacket

The perfect garment for your personalisations.

This iconic garment is an extremely versatile piece which is comfortable enough to be used in casual days but it will not disappoint you in many other occasions.

Your wardrobe is not completed without one – our classic denim jacket slightly stonewashed is the season’s favourite.

When the weather begs for more clothing and you’re forced to add a layer to your stylish outfit, this will probably be your best option to head out into a cooler breeze. You can wear it in many different occasions and mix it with many of your basics. It will always look amazing even after years of wear and it will never get out of fashion.


We are crazy about denim jackets! They are the kings and queens of our online shop. If you haven’t already fall for one of our READY 2 WEAR options, you can create your own design here and add your favourite personalisation. At Adornista, there are plenty of choices – sequins, glitter, cotton, fur, lace and many more.

Everything to play with your multifaceted lifestyle. Add the sequins to match your party dress or choose a minimal sober pattern for those casual office days. An endless list of possibilities to express your individuality!




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